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Do you want to get better at chess, improve your tactical vision or simply train your brain? Then this app is the perfect choice for you!- You will play a huge collection of mates, endgame studies, opening traps and practical chess positions. Just like in real games, you never know what you will get.- Your tactics rating will be constantly measured. The better you are, the harder the puzzles will get. You can also track your performance with a rating graph.- The computer engine Stockfish 7 will help you analyze the puzzles. This chess engine is among the strongest in the world and much stronger than the best human chess grandmasters.- A simple layout will let you focus on the important. Simply slide to the right with your finger to analyze the previous tactic puzzle.It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner at tactics or a chess grandmaster, this app will keep you happy for a long time!With this app you can...- Play over 20,000 selected chess puzzles- Use a big board that covers the whole screen- See the opponent reply if you play a wrong move- Analyze the tactics with the chess engine Stockfish 7- Play without an Internet connection- Enjoy a wide variety of chess tactics for all difficulty levels- Keep track of your progress with a performance-based Elo rating

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